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Frecuently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

The following list of frequently asked questions was compiled by Per Eklund in 2003 directly from the boardgame official website. I got it from the Yahoo group about the boardgame.

D&D Fantasy Adventure board game FAQ
Typed down from the flash-FAQ on the game website.
Version 2003.07.22 (by Per Eklund)


This same list of questions can be found in Board Game Geek in the following link thanks to user Greg Nichols (a2greg): D&D FAQ

1. When can a Hero use artifacts?

An artifact may be used at any time, as long as the Hero has it in 'use' on the left hand side on their Hero card.

2. If a Hero is brought back to life do they restart with full Hit point and Spell points?

No. A Hero who is brought back to life during an Adventure (with either Greater Restoration spell or a potion) returns with 4 Hit points (and 4 Spell points if they are a magic user).

3. Can a Hero stand on a chest if they don't want to open it?

No. A Hero can only move onto a chest if they open it on the same turn. This takes up both of their actions for that turn.

4. Is a trap safe when it has been found? Is a trap safe when it has been sprung?

When a trap is found a marker token is placed on the board, but it is not yet safe. Only after a trap has been disabled or sprung is it safe to walk over.

5. Do trees and pillars block ranged attacks?

Yes. Heroes and Monsters are safe from ranged attack if a tree or pillar blocks the line of sight of the attacker.

6. Can arrows or spells be fired between two trees or pillars next to each other?

No. Two tress or pillars on spaces next to each other make a solid obstacle.

7. Can Monsters attack twice on their turn?

No. On its turn a Monster can choose one of the following options; attack and move; move twice; move only once; attack only once; make no movement or attack.

8. Can a ranged weapon be fired at a character diagonally 'next to' mine?

Yes. Only the spaces directly in fron, behind, left and right of a character are classed as being 'next to' them. As ranged weapons cannot be used when standing next to a character they can be used on the diagonal spaces.

9. Can ranged weapons be fired over a chest?

Yes. Although chests cannot be stood on or walked over, they do not block ranged weapons.

10. Can a Hero attack an Ooze with a ranged weapon?

Yes. An Ooze can be hit by a ranged attack in the same way as any other Monster.

11. Can an Ooze dissolve a spell?

No. Oozes can only dissolve weapons.

12. Can non magic-users carry spells?

Yes. For example, Redgar and Lidda may pick up and carry spells, but they are unable to use them. Spells must be given to a magic user before they can be cast.

13. Can Jozan heal himself?

Yes. It is difficult to complete many of the Adventures if Jozan does not heal himself. His healing powers are a valuable resource for the team of Heroes and you should try to enrure that Jozan remains alive.

It uses one action for Jozan to heal himself, costing 1 Spell point per Hit point healed.

14. Can Monsters open doors?

No. Only Heroes can open doors.

15. Once a door has been opened can a Hero close it again?

No. Generally, once a door has been opened it remains open for the rest of the Adventure. Some doors may close again if triggered by something else in the Adventure, but a Hero cannot choose to close a door.

16. If a Hero dies when carrying a key, is the key lost and the Adventure over?

No. Keys are carried by the team of Heroes, not by an individual. Once a key has been found, any surviving Heroes have access to the key for the rest of that Adventure.

17. Can a Hero perform the same action twice on their turn?

Yes. For example, they might decide to attack twice, move twice, or search for traps twice. Any action may be repeated.
18. If a blank is rolled on the 'Search for Traps' die can the Hero search again on that turn?

Each trap search uses an action. If a Hero rolls a blank on the 'Search for Traps' die on the first action of your turn they may search again on their second action.

19. If a Hero dies should less Initiative cards be dealt out?

No. Always deal out an Initiative card to each character, even if they are dead. That way, if a Hero is brought back to life, they come into play on their turn.
20. Do all Monsters have to be defeated and all chests opened to complete an Adventure?

No. Each Adventure has its own objective. Some may require you to defeat all Monsters or open all chests, but others may be completed with Monsters or chests still remaining. The Adventure ends as soon as the objevtive is completed.

21. If something affects all "living" things, does it affect undead creatures?

No. Undead creatures are not counted as living.

22. Can a Hero go above their starting number of Hit points on each level?

No. The starting Hit points and Spell points for each Hero are also the maximum points that Hero may earn during that Adventure. Hit or Spell points can only be restored up to this amount.

23. Do the Items a Hero has 'in use' count as part of the total Items they can carry?

Yes. The number of Items a Hero may carry includes those in their knapsack and 'in use'.

24. Does a character have to move their full movement allowance each turn?

No. A character can move any number of spaces up to their maximum movement allowance for one action. They can choose to use both actions as movement, or not to move at all.

25. Why can't Initiative cards be revealed until the DM has laid out a new room?

The Dungeon Master must not see the Initiative order before the room has been laid out because it might influence the positioning of the Monsters. For example, the Dungeon Master might place all the Monsters by the door if they know they will be going first.

26. Can one player control more than one Hero during a game?

Yes. The game is for two to five players, but all four Heroes must play each Adventure to be able to complete it. A player can control up to four Heroes, but must treat each Hero individually.

27. If I want to stop playing, but carry on from where I left off on another day, can I keep my Items and Points for the next Adventure.

Yes - this is the best way to play! Note down the points and items collected by each player and start the next Adventure with these.

28. Does a Heroe have to open a door as soon as they move next to it?

No. A Hero can move onto the space in front of the door and treat it as a normal space. If they have an action left, they can announce they wish to open door, and it opens immediately. However, if moving next to the door was their second action, or they decide to wait for other Heroes to catch up before opening it, they may wait.

29. Can undead Monsters go outside?

Most undead Monsters can go outside, except Wraiths who are damaged by natural light.

30. Can a Hero swap an Item with one from their knapsack during combat?

No. It uses one action to swap an item from the knapsack into 'use'. If a Hero makes an attack and then swaps an item, both actions for that turn will have been used. the item will then be ready for use on the next turn.

31. Can Lidda sneak through more than one Monster at a time?

Yes. Lidda can move through as many Monsters as she wishes as one action, but she cannot end her turn on the same space as a Monster.

32. Why does using a Spell cost different amount of Spell points for Wizards and Clerics?

Although both Clerics and Wizards use magic, Clerics are better at using healing spells, while Wizards are more skilled using attacking spells. Therefore, it costs less for a Cleric to heal and more for them to attack than a Wizard.

33. Can a Hero only drink a potion when it is their turn?

No. Potions can be used at any time.

34. How do I know the maximum score I can roll with the dice for each weapon or spell?

The card that represents the weapon or spell shows the dice that should be rolled when it is used. The number of swords shown on these dice also adds up to the maximum score that can be rolled with them.

35. Can a ranged weapon be fired through a doorway into another room?

Yes - as long as the door is not blocked, ranged weapons and spells can be fired into other rooms. 'Line of Sight' rules must still be obeyed, as on page 9 of the Player's Guide.

36. If the Heroes lose a special Item they need to complete an Adventure, does the Adventure end immediately?

If the Hero carrying a required special Item has been killed and cannot be brought back to life then the Adventure is over, and the Dungeon Master wins. However, Jozan or the Potion of Greater Restoration can bring Heroes back to life with everything they were carrying when they died. In this case, the Adventure can still be completed.

A key is a special Item, bit it is kept by the group and cannot be lost as long as at least one Hero is still alive.

37. If a Hero is brougth back to life, do they still have the Items they have collected so far?

Yes. A Hero is brought back to life with exactly the same Items they held when they died. The Hero comes back with 4 Hit points (and 4 Spell points if they are a magic user).

38. Do all the Heroes have to complete the objevtive to finish the Adventure?

No. As long as one Hero completes the Adventure objevtives alive, the Heroes win.

39. What token does the DM put on the board to show a special chest?

Only the Dungeon Master knows which chests are special. To keep the secret, the DM places a normal chest token on the board where a special chest is marked. When a Hero opens it, the Dungeon Master reveals that it is a special chest and gives the Hero the special Item inside.

40. What does the DM do if a Hero reveals the two nearest traps, but there are three the same distance apart?

The Dungeon Master should reveal any two of the traps of their choice, but not the third. Heroes should not assume that because they have found two traps there will not be a third nearby.

41. If a Hero rolls the 'hand' symbol whilst searching for traps, does that mean no one else is allowed to search that room either?

No. Another Hero who is able to search a room for traps may do so, as long as they haven't rolled the 'hand' symbol too.

42. Can Monsters move over trap spaces?

Yes. Monsters know the location of the traps and are able to move over them without revealing their location to the Heroes.

43. Do Monsters only appear in the room they are shown in on the map?

Yes. Monsters should only appear in the rooms indicated on the Adventure layout, but their exact location within that room is chosen by the Dungeon Master. Monsters may subsequently move out of their starting room through an open door.

44. Why are some traps shown in a different colour on the map from others?

There are different types of trap, shown by different colours on the map. Each Adventure uses up to three different types of trap, and the DM can see what they are by looking at the map key for that Adventure.

Whatever the colour of the trap, the same trap tokens are used on the boards.

45. Can Monsters carry items?

No. A Monster can only use the weapon indicated on its card and cannot carry any other items.

46. Can Monsters stand on a chest?

No. Monsters are not allowed to stand on, or move through, chests.

47. Do undead Monsters lose Hit points when they are 'turned'?

No. 'Turning' an undead Monster causes it to miss a turn, but it suffers no Hit point damage.

48. Why is it better to play the Adventure through in order?

The early Adventures guide both the Heroes and the Dungeon Master through the way the game works and allow Heroes to pick up Items that will be useful later. Heroes will find it very difficult to complete more difficult Adventures without picking up weapons, spells and artifacts earlier on.

49. What does a shaded room mean on the Dungeon layout map?

Shaded rooms indicate that they are not used in the current adventure.

50. How does the DM know which Monsters are being shown by the symbols on the Dungeon layout.

All of the Monster symbols and their matching figures are shown on the back cover of the Dungeon Master's guide, for quick reference throughout the game.

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