miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Glistening forge: Earthquake

Today I show you a new spell that I have created for my new expansion pack called Glistening forge. In my new spells, now, besides Mialee's (the wizard) and Jozan's (the cleric) symbols, you can find the symbol of Kathra (the paladin).

Kathra's symbol is an anvil with a flame over it, the symbol of Moradin, dwarves' deity whom Kathra is a shieldmaiden.

What do you think about it? Doubts? Reviews?


After Marco's help, I have made some changes in this spell. You can find the new version here:

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  1. The level is correct, however, increase the cost of the spell. Increased by 2 points spell.
    Beautiful picture, where did you get?

  2. Hi!

    Thanks again for your thoughts and ideas. I have checked my fast reference card list and this is what I have found:

    ORDER-----NAME-------W C D P---RANGE DICE-----DAMAGE
    SP....Flame strike...7 8 9 8..[O][O][R][B]+...4 – 10
    3.....Fire storm.....6 7 8 7..[O][O][R][B]....4 – 10
    2.....Earthquake.....4 5 3 5..[O][O][B].......4 – 7
    3.....Frost bite.....5 6 7 6..[Y][O][O][B]....4 – 8

    Where "SP" = Special and "+" = Reroll.

    So, as you can see, Earthquake is the fourth most damaging spells but is the one with the lowest level and spell cost.

    I have decided to change it and it will look like this:

    ORDER-----NAME-------W C D P---RANGE DICE-----DAMAGE
    3......Earthquake....5 6 5 6...[O][O][B]......4 – 7

    What do you think? I really appreciate your opinion.

  3. And regarding the picture, I don't remember right now but I will try to and tell you later. All images I use for this expansion pack are taken from Dungeons and Dragons and of course are property of Wizards of the Coast.

  4. Hi again!

    I have found this image again.

    This image is called "Earthen ramparts" by Tina Young and you can found it in the Dragon magazine number 366.