domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Mistakes in Eternal winter expansion pack

Hi everyone!

While reading a Eternal winter expansion pack's review in Boardgame Geek written by the user The Duke BGG I have read about two important mistakes in this expansion pack:

  1. In the adventure maps provided for open areas, there have been used more than the three trees the basic board game provides. In the Dungeon Master's Guide from the basic board game we are warned about this: "Make sure you don’t put more features (e.g. trees) into an Adventure than there are in the game.". It seems that they didn't follow their own advice.

  2. Morkhan the barbarian starts from the beginning in level 3 and with the objects called "Barbarian Battleaxe" and "The Ascender" but, although his hero board shows his stats for his Hit Points for levels 1 and 2, it is said nowhere what weapons he can use for those levels.

    And talking about this subject, What objects do you think Morkhan should use for levels 1 and 2? Leave your thoughts.

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