miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Downloads: All board game dice

Hi everyone,

Today I have uploaded a pdf in which you will find the 12 dice from the basic board game and its expansion packs. You can find it too in the Dowloads section of this blog.

In order to save some ink, the black dice (the special one, the 'search for traps' one, the 'disable trap' one and the 'turn undead' one) have been changed to white with black symbols. Try to print them in adhesive paper and then glue them to normal dice.

The situation and orientation of each die's face has been based in my own board game copy (UK version). If someone could make me the favour of checking them against his/her own copy, please, write down in this article's comments section if your dice have the same face's situation and orientation or a different one.


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