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How-to guide to create new cards

Hi everyone,

    As some readers have asked for it, here you got a how-to guide to create your own cards. Here I will tell you how I have created the cards for Glistening forge. Moreover, I have uploaded some base files to help you create Artifact, Monster, PotionSpell and Weapon cards. I am still restoring the Trap cards from the original board game so you will have to wait to see them.

This article will be updated with your doubts / requests so, if you have something to say, comment on!

What do I need?

  1. : I create all my cards using this program. It is completely free and you can add plugins to it to enhance its potencial. As far as I know, it is only available for Windows O.S. If someone needs these files in some other format, just tell me and I will do my best.
  2. Vitriol text font: This font is used to create the cards' title (size 27 and bold).
  3. Celestia Antiqua text font: Most of the itallic texts you see in a card are made with this font (size 27 and using bold and itallic).
  4. Celestia Antiqua-SemiBold text font: From the same text font familly than Celestia Antiqua, it is used for the rest of texts you see in the cards (size 27).
  5. Base files: ArtifactMonsterPotionSpell and Weapon.

Where do I start?

  1. Install in your computer and familiarize yourself with its user interface. If you have already used GIMP or PhotoShop, its user interface will look like theirs.
  2. Open one of the basic files I have given you, for example, the Potion base file. You will see that at the right side of the user interface some layers have appeared some of them with a checkbox checked. These checkbox makes those layers visible or invisible. Some of those layers have text writen in english and others in spanish. Some of them contain only images. Depending of the card type, you will find more or less layers.
  3. The first one of those layers is called "Recursos" (Resources). There you will find all the dice and common symbols I have used for my cards. You can copy and paste them whenever you need them in order to create your cards.

And this is all for the moment. If you have doubts or requests about posible further explanations, do not hesitate to comment on and I will do my best to answer as quickly as posible.

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi! I really appreciate your work here! can you please add also the pdn to create characters cards (and the weapons and traps as you just said?)? Thank you very very much!

  2. Hi Matteo,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I am currently creating the weapon cards for my expansion. I think I will release the pdn file to create weapon cards soon.

    It will still take me a lot to release the trap card template as I have not started yet with it. Remember that there are not good quality digital examples to restore that template. Maybe I wont be able to restore it ever :(

    In Board Game Geek you can find templates for characters sheets: