domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

Glistening forge: Zombie Leader

Hi all,

There were some readers who commented in my blog post about the Zombie that the Zombie was too powerful compared to the common idea we all have about zombies. They were right. I had commited a mistake with the card stats and I had changed the ones from the Zombie with the ones from the Zombie Leader.

I have already corrected it and I will update the blog post as soon as I can.

The good news are that yesterday I decided to finish that last monster so...

Today I show you a new card from my expansion pack called Glistening forge: The Zombie Leader.

I have found this image in the  Dragon Magazine #364 (page 43), in an article about a character called Mauglurien. This character is a Death Knight Dwarf Warlord. This image is clearly D&D 4 Ed. style so it is not like the ones used in the original board game (from the 3.5 Ed.) but it is a great draw and I think it will improve my expansion' story

The Zombie Leader has 7 Hit Points (instead of 5 Hit Points the usual Zombie has) and while he is alive, allows all zombies to make 1 more yellow die of damage when they perform the Death Burst ability.

What do you think about it? Do you like it? Would you change anything?

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