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The main heroes

Regdar: Human fighter

Regdar is hugely powerful and capable of devastating Melée attacks. He does not need to much back up - if there are Monsters, Regdar will be there! As a team player Regdar is ideal as the front line of attack and can take a lot of hits before he is weakened.
Often he will be the first into a room to protect the other adventurers.

+1 to atack score rolled in Melée attacks - Regdar is skilled with all weapons, but specially in close combat.

Lidda: Halfling rogue

Lidda is quick and nimble enough to sneak through Monsters. She should search for traps wherever she can to prevent the Heroes setting them off and can get Hit Points back by disabling traps!

Sneak - Lidda can move through a Monster and add +1 to her roll if she attacks the same Monster immediately.
Search for Traps - Lidda can check a room for Traps, by rolling the 'Search' die. The results only apply to the room she is in.
Disable Traps - make a Trap safe. Lidda must stand on the Trap space to roll this die. Take an unused Trap token when successful. Gathering three tokens gives Lidda 2 exra Hit Points.

Jozan: Human cleric

Jozan is responsible for keeping all the Heroes healthy. He should watch out for anyone running low on Hit Points, including himself! Jozan has the power to 'turn' undead Monsters, making them miss a turn, and has a powerful spell attack.
Turn Undead - Jozan can try to 'trun' Undead Monsters anywhere in the same room by rolling the 'Trun Undead' die.
Undead Monsters are shown by a skull symbol on their Monster card. When Jozan rolls the same or greater than the number next to the skull on the Monster's card, that Monster is 'truned' and misses its next trun!
Heal - Jozan has the natural ability to heal other Heroes, by swapping his Spell Points to give them Hit Points back.

Mialee: Elven wizard

Mialee uses magic in defence and attack. While she can cast powerful spells, her Armour Class also falls, so she must watch her Spell Points don't drop too low. Mialee relies on the other Heroes for some protection, but repays them with the most powerful attacks.
Armour Class - if Mialee's Spell Points fall below 3, her Armour Class drops from 2 to 1. when she has 0 Spell Points, she has 0 Armour Class.
Using weapons that regain Spell Points can help keep her Armour Class Strong.

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