domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Dungeons and Dragons: Glistening forge

From now, I will show you my progress in the creation of a new expansion pack for Dungeons and Dragons: The fantastic adventure called Glistening forge.

This expansion pack will be focus in the figure of Kathra, a Moradin's shieldmaiden. Moradin's shieldmaidens are the elite grup of dwarven paladins, guardians of the ancestral legacy that binds them with their creator the Great Carver Moradin.

Our heroes will have to help Kathra to recover the Glistening forge, a dwarven settlement in the deeps of the rock known in the old days as the best place to find dwarven master carvers. This subterranean complex housed a big amount of treasures, a lot of magical weapons and misterious artifacts which were said to be blessed by Moradin himself among them.

The Glistening forge had to be abandoned abruptly because of the advance of an army of evil creatures from multiple species. Nobody understood what common purpose they could have to act together.

Now, decades after that invasion, Kathra has known what creature was commanding that army of monsters: a beholder. Nothing will stop Kathra in her mission to recover the Glistening forge

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  1. interesting:-D

    I'm curious to see this expansion

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for coming again. I am going to release the cards I have already made for my new expansion pack. Please, give me your comments so I can improve it.