miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Glistening forge: Belt of strenght

Hello everyone again:

This time I give you another artifact from my expansion pack Glistening forge: the Belt of strenght.

This artifact allows its wearer to carry up to 2 items more. We should have in mind that, belts, bracers and rings, when worn, do not count toward the maximum number of items a Hero may posses and that only one belt, bracer and ring type may be worn at a time.

This card can be very useful for all heroes but specially for two of them in particular: Lidda and Jozan. The rouge has Yondalla's Amulet which, if combined with this belt, can allow her to get good equipment in short time. The cleric can use it to become a "healing machine with legs" accumulating the Greater restoration and Healing Circle spells while using the Lesser healing circle and other potions and/or artifacts.

For Mialee and Regdar it is not so effective. After all, what the fighter needs most is two weapons in use and the wizard doesn't have so many Spell Points to accumulate a lot of spells in her knapsack. Although she could use it to accumulate healing potions just in case she runs out of Armour Class because of using her spells.

Doubts? Comments?

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