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Differences between original English and Spanish versions

Hi everyone!

While I was updating the fast card reference guide, I have noticed that in some cards there are differences between the Spanish and English (original) card texts. I really don't know if those differences are a translation failure or if the reason is that the Spanish version is based on a revised version of the original board game. Let me show you some examples:

Chain lightning - Relámpago zigzagueante

The original card says "Your hero loses 1 Hit Point". The Spanish version text says "Your hero regains 1 Hit Point".

Barkskin cloack - Capa de corteza

The original card says "Wear this to take no damage from an attack or event, then roll die... ". The Spanish version text says " Wear this to take no damage from an attack or action, then roll die... ".

What is the difference? In the original card, as it uses the word "event", I think it refers to booby traps. In the Spanish version card, as it uses the word "action", it refers to the actions which can be done in a turn like to move, to attack, to use an artifact or to do special actions like Charge (this action is available in the Forbidden forest expansion pack). So, in case of doing a Charge action while having 'in use' this artifact, the wearer has the possibility of avoiding all damage. Am I wrong? What is your opinion about this?

Mace of deliverance - Maza de la liberación

The original card says "'Turn' monster if undead". The Spanish version text says "'Turn' an undead monster".

In the Spanish version, you could be fighting against a Gnoll and a Skeleton (for example), attack the Gnoll and if you are lucky enough to throw a star in the special die, you could 'turn' the skeleton as a free action.

Shield of chaos - Escudo de caos

The original card says "Deflect Hit Point damage onto another Hero, then roll die... ". The Spanish version text says "Deflect 1 Hit Point damage onto another Hero, then roll die... ".

In this case, we find a more restrictive card text in the Spanish version.

What do you think about this? Failure or based on a revised edition?

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  1. That's very interesting - and quite odd. I've noticed that the Italian version of the game has the same "mistaken" in Chain lighting card. Just a curiosity: where did you find the original English version of the cards? I'd like to compare the original version with the Italian one, in order to know more about other possible mistakens in translation. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi again Stefano,

      I have finally manage to get the english digital version of the cards so you can compare the differences between this version and the italian one if you still want to. If you are interested, send me an email to nalumtei at gmail.

      Thanks again for your interest in this blog and your comments.

  2. Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I have the english version of the boardgame plus I have that version scanned too. I do not remember were I downloaded it as it was time ago. I did not scan the cards myself.

    I would love to see and post here an actualization with the italian version's differences. I will contact you. In the meantime, you can take a look at my downloads page where you can find an excell file with the list of cards in english and wath their do.

    Thanks again for the info.