lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Eternal Winter monsters

Frost salamanders:

Scaly Frost Salamanders are fierce, cold-blooded creatures with lethal claws, teeth and lashing tail. Their Cold Aura attack penetrates even solid objects.

Goblin marauders:

These Goblin thieves ride on enslaved Great Dark Eagles, kept through force and trickery. They are skilled at audacious raids and swift escapes.


Skraethor's greed for jewels is all-consuming and his cruelty legendary. He spreads his wings and breathes icy death onto innocent victims or anyone foolish enough to challenge him.

White dragons:

White Dragons terrorise the skies and their icy breath can slay a warrior from any distance. Their strengh and resilience is as legendary as their greed.

Winter gnolls:

These cunning and voracious part-hyena carnivores are almost as dangerous from a distance as they are in close combat.

Winter goblins:

Winter Goblin tribes attack anything weaker than themselves. These malicious scavengers are cowardly unless

Winter ogres:

Tribes of mean and ugly Winter Ogres roam the wastelands attacking, scavenging and pillaging to satisfy their enormous greed.

Winter wolves:

Tribes of Winter Wolves rip their victims to shreds with teeth and claws or cripple them with a deathly Breath Attack. They move swiftly on the snow.

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