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Idea for magical traps

Hi again everyone!

Recently user "Unknown" wrote a comment to the article F.A.Q. (in the Spanish version) in which he expressed his doubts about if Heroes can or cannot do the same action twice in their turn. For example, attacking twice or moving twice.

Although the Players Guide says no word about it, this question was answered in the official F.A.Q in question number 17.

While answering "Unknown" I realized that limiting the heroes actions by not allowing them to make twice the same action was a really clever way of increasing the adventure's dificulty.

Here I have listed some problems the heroes might have to face if they could no longer make twice their favourite combos:

  • Heroes could no longer attack twice in their turns. Moreover Regdar could not attack once with a melee weapon and then with a range weapon
  • Mialee and Jozan could no longer cast attacking spells twice  during their turns even if they tried to cast two different attacking spells. They could even not cast twice two non attacking spells like Greater Restoration or Healing Circle. On the other hand they could cast an attacking spell and a non attacking spell as those are different kind of actions as it is stated in the Player's Guide
  • Lidda could no longer search for traps twice in the same turn
  • Jozan could no longer heal one hero twice in the same turn nor he could heal two different heroes nor even being himself one of them!
  • Moreover Jozan could no longer 'Turn' undead twice in the same turn (the Lich would be even more challenging)
So what do you thing about magical traps which as soon as they are sprang they:
  • force the heroes to make no action twice in their turns
  • force the heroes to make as much as just one attack each turn (as happens to every monster in the game)
  • allow certain monsters (golems anyone?) or every monster to attack twice each turn instead of just once.

What are your impressions? Would you use this idea in your adventures? Can you think more magical traps that twists the games rules? Leave your thoughts in the comment section :)

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